Meet our director, Rich Lapp!

Rich Lapp is a retired high school choral director with 34 years in the classroom. He spent most of his time at Boise High School and then at Timberline High School in Boise. He concluded his final two years as a professional educator in the role of Supervisor of Music and Art for the Boise School District. In his retirement, he works primarily as a handyman, doing light construction and remodeling. He also loves spending time in choral music classrooms across the valley as a coach to choral directors and their students.

Rich began Barbershopping at the age of 17 and currently has 40 years on his BHS membership card. He has directed choruses in California, Idaho and Ohio over the past 5 decades. He has sung in many quartets over the years as both a lead and baritone and is an Evergreen District Seniors Quartet Champion with his current quartet, Chords On Delivery. Rich attended Harmony College twice as a young barbershopper and has since been on the faculty of Harmony University 4 times and Virtual Harmony University 2 times. Rich has been the Barbershoppper of the Year for multiple chapters and is a past Evergreen District Barbershoppper of the year.

Rich has been married to his lovely wife, Leni, for 41 years and they have 4 adult children and 6 adorable grandsons. Rich is excited to embark on this new journey of working with a women's barbershop chorus.